Orymus - Miracles

Orymus Miracles cover
Independent Release
Orymus is one of those underground (or better say untraceable yet) bands that definitely needs more exposure cuz they are talented and they believe in what they do. But let’s take things from the start. Orymus hails from Switzerland and they started in 2009. Around 4 years later, in 2013, they released their debut album “Escape to Reality”. Now they’re back with a more mature & complete second release, which it is titled “Miracles”.
What I fancy about this newcomer is their musical variety and the way they deliver their music… simply, passionately, with a musical vision. Daniel Brönnimann has a great voice, which will remind you of some of the legendary rock voices of the 70s/80s. The band is into the hard rock music of the 70s and the early 80s, with various classic rock & a few prog rock elements as well. “End of the World”, “Just One Minute”, “Testament of a Simple Man” & Never Again” are more straightforward rockers but “So Long” is somewhat more prog oriented. “Fountain of Youth” is a semi-ballad with a strong refrain and “Carried Away” is a captivating acoustic ballad, like the ones they used to make in the past… warm, tender and heartfelt. Then again, “Just Another Friend” “took me” back to the 70s and to acts like Uriah Heep, UFO and so on. A magnificent track indeed! The two short instrumental tracks, “One’s Last Breath” & “One’s First Step” add an extra musical diversity to the final outcome. The album was produced by Yann Rouiller (Nazareth, Core 22).The production is very good on the whole – it may be a bit “dry” at places, but that won’t mind anyone at long last.
“Miracles” is a well-crafted album, which has a refined musical character that is rooted back in the late 70s. The musicianship is very tight and the melodies are wonderful. This ain’t a “wannabe” retro album; it’s a musical proposal that shows how the young musicians of today honor their musical influences & deliver the goods. I’m already looking forward to their next steps… till then, just enjoy “Miracles” and do support the band…