Ordo Inferus - Invictus Et Aeternus

Ordo Inferus Invictus Et Aeternus cover
Ordo Inferus
Invictus Et Aeternus
Doomentia Records
With a two-year existence only and having already released an EP, “Damnati” in 2013, Ordo Inferus realized that the time to release their debut had finally come. Other bands wait much longer to release their debut album but that’s not an “axiom” of any kind. Moreover, these guys have been into death metal music for a long time, even though the band is new.
Ordo Inferus consist of current and ex-members of Excruciate, Funebrarum, Godhate, Mastication, Malfeitor, Disma and Necrophobic. And specifically we have, Tony Freed on vocals (Godhate, ex-Throneaeon), Janne Rudberg Bjorkenfjall on drums (Birch Mountain, Excruciate, Malfeitor, ex-Avoidness, etc.), Hempa Brynolfsson on guitars (Excruciate, ex-Mykorrhiza, ex-Obscuratum, etc.) and Sebastian Ramstedt on lead guitars (Black Trip, ex-Morpheus, ex-Exhumed, ex-Necrophobic, ex-Nifelheim). The production is rather heavy & powerful but not too polished or punchy. Benny Moberg (Just Before Dawn, Birch Mountain. Malfeitor, etc.) has done the album’s mixing & mastering as well as the cover artwork.
The guys are into the old-school death metal. The riffy extreme & brutal death metal may remind you of the early 90s of both the European and the US scene. That’s OK even if this album is one of the same. I mean we’ve heard albums like these a million times, especially back in the day, and in my opinion they only address the die-hard death metal fans. In addition, that “guitar-lever solo” every once in a while is very annoying. Isn’t any other way to deliver a solo, seriously?!