Oomph! - Ritual

Oomph! Ritual cover
Napalm Records
Returning with a new album, after 4 years, and under a new label, the German pioneering band of the Neue Deutsche Härte movement (that has deeply influenced Rammstein), Oomph! have somehow renewed themselves with “Ritual” by mixing their past with their contemporary sound.
This time Oomph! decided to do it all on their own; they wrote, produced and mixed the album, while the lyrics are entirely on German. They claim that it’s more authentic as they deeply express themselves in their mother tongue and so they did on “Ritual” and the final outcome has rewarded them. Surely, German is rougher as a language but it does fit this kind of music perfectly. Musically, the new album is heavier, straightforward and atmospheric with fewer electro elements than before. The guitar riffs play a major role on the new album and make it sound more metallic in a way. The production is tight, heavy and full; the band did a great job on that part too.
The track “Europa” features Chris Harm, of Lord Of The Lost; the guys have known each other for years and it was time to “return the favor”, as the band told us (read here). I need to make a specific reference to “Phönix Aus Der Asche”, which is a heavy, atmospheric, melodic and moody track, one of the best tracks here along with “Tausend Mann Und Ein Befehl” and “Seine Seele”. Aside from that the album limited edition features 3 bonus tracks, “In der Stille der Nacht”, “Lazarus” and “TRRR - FCKN - HTLR (Lord Of The Lost Remix)”.
All things considered, “Ritual” is a noteworthy album on the whole, from a band that’s been around for 3 decades and they still have the ideas and the passion to move forward without being stuck on their past. I think that “Ritual” will gratify both the band’s old as well as the new fans, especially if they give it more spins.