One Inch Giant - The Great White Beyond

One Inch Giant
The Great White Beyond
Soulseller Records
One Inch Giant is a swedish band formed in 2009 and they released their fist album, “Malva”, in 2011. Back then, they showed potential with their fusion of 90s heavy/stoner rock with old-school metal vocals. This year, they invade the music community once again with their second album named “The Great White Beyond”. This time, musically, they seem to have taken a more progressive-rock path (the new drummer’s presence is very evident) and yet managed to maintain a general 80’s metal vibe throughout every song. I am not so sure if this choice has worked that good for them.
None of the songs in the album is bad, but at the same time, none of them is great either. Not once did I think to myself “now that is a killer track”. In other words, “The Great White Beyond” is certainly a pretty good album to listen to while you do something else or you hang out with your friends, but not the kind of album that I would be willing to devote the time to rip in my computer so I could load it on my i-pod or mp3 player. The reason for that is really simple: I had the feeling that I have heard all those songs many times before. The band seems to lack originality and a clear musical identity segregating them from other similar bands.
At the end of the day, I think that One Inch Giant raised expectations after their very promising first album “Malva” and failed to deliver them with the release of “The Great White Beyond”.