One OK Rock - Ambitions

One OK Rock Ambitions
One OK Rock
Fueled By Ramen
Two years after the previous album “35xxxv”, the Japanese modern rockers are back with their eighth full-length album only 12 years after their formation! Wow! They must have lots of inspiration – there’s no other explanation! “Ambitions” will have two versions. A Japanese version, which will be released under a Japanese label (A-Sketch) and an English version, which will be released under a US label (Fueled By Ramen).
The tracklists for both versions are not identical; they do have a few differences. For instance, the English version features the track “Jaded”, which features the guest appearance by Alex Gaskarth (All Time Low). Also the track “Listen” features Avril Lavigne (only in the Jap version) and the track “Take What You Want” features 5 Seconds of Summer on both versions. Other than that, the Japanese version features the tracks “20/20”, “Always Coming Back” and “Lost in Tonight”, while the English version, instead of the aforementioned 3 tracks, features “Jaded”, “Hard to Love” and “American Girls”.
Well, on the music part One OK Rock is a J-rock band that has turned into a US modern pop/rock one. Do not expect to listen to anything creditable here… just simple & artless pop tracks for teenagers that will be forgotten before they are over! Still wondering how all these modern pop/rock bands manage to sound alike; OK there’s the specific “music recipe” that one must follow but it’s like the “meat grinder” that you throw in all kinds of pop, modern, inartistic & tedious “music shit” so as to make that particular “teenager music”! So “cool” but so friggin tragic at the same time… “One” it is but it ain’t so “OK” and neither so “Rock”!!! Hooray!