Omnium Gatherum - Beyond

Omnium Gatherum Beyond cover
Omnium Gatherum
Lifeforce Records
I decided to check out this album, when I heard and read quite a few amazing things about it. Some people like to exaggerate by their nature, others for they’ve got something to gain and a few cuz’ the first two say so! That’s how the story goes on and on.
In any case, Omnium Gatherum are more than 15 years around so they do serve that melodic death metal genre in their way. Of course, all these bands that came right after the mid-90s all wanted to become Amorphis No2. The band they came closest to was/is Insomnium. Definitely, the common thing among those bands is that they are all coming from Finland. It’s something in the weather… I f I may!
“Beyond” is the sixth full-length album of the band so I do not think that one should wait any surprises on it. Melodeath metal with lots of atmospheric features and a bunch of mellow passages here and there. The vocals rather unappealing, as they are a bit more brutal, than they should be and the clean ones are rarely nearby. The most interesting thing on the album is the good and alluring use of keys. Besides that, everything else here is OK, but it’s not innovative and it has been done in a better way by Amorphis a long ago. Nothing to go crazy about… or to consider it a masterpiece or whatever. Just solid atmospheric melodeath metal. It’s good but what’s the point in trying to do what Amorphis did 15 years ago? This genre needs new blood, fresh ideas and creativity or else it will become insipid & expectable eventually…