Old Crock Band - Alive and Dangerous

Old Crock Band Alive and Dangerous cover
Old Crock Band
Alive and Dangerous
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Who doesn’t love the classic rock era? And which band or musician hasn’t been influenced by the classic rock music? The 70s had been a very distinctive and innovative music time for the whole world. If you wonder what that intro is all about… I can actually say that’s more than obvious. If you judge by the album’s cover you’ll see where the whole thing is going.
Old Crock Band may have released their debut album this year (2014), but they have existed for more than a decade – If I’m not mistaken. They’re from Italy and they are 100% into classic rock. They are not only heavenly influenced by classic rock music but I think they do live and breathe for this kind of music. They are not a bunch of young kids who play this music style cuz it’s a new trend or to make some bucks now that they can. This is a band that sounds like a 70s rock one without pretending or trying hard to do so. Their “live” and rockin’ sound also brings that era on mind without becoming “retro” or “old-fashioned” at any point.
Bands like Deep Purple, Cream, Rainbow, Whitesnake, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Uriah Heep, Rolling Stones and UFO among others will dawn on you while listening to this album. It’s very well-made and the performances are very good on the whole. I kinda believe that the atmospheric & psychedelic instrumental track “Journey” and the more than 9:30-minute slow-tempo “All is Painted in Grey” are the top moments on this album… but that’s my own perspective. Anyhow, “Alive and Dangerous” is a more than decent classic rock album and without being “original”, it still has its fine moments…