OH. - Synemotion

OH. Synemotion cover
Independent Release
OH. stands for Olivia Hadjiioannou, who is a Greek-American multi-instrumentalist, vocalist & composer. “Synemotion” is Olivia’s second release where she has played almost everything – the guitars, the bass, the drums, the keys and she has also done the vocals (whenever they exist). The album was recorded & mixed by Olivia herself and mastered by Hlias Lakkas Odeon Studios, Athens, Greece. The production is rather good although I would prefer it to be somewhat heavier & tighter at places. The lead guitars are fine but the rhythm ones could have been a bit heavier & fuller in general.
“Synemotion” is strange album which describes various emotional states in each track… and as Olivia says: “"Synemotion", is a journey through the complex emotional states we experience when we are overwhelmed by concerns and fears”. This is quite obvious while listening carefully to every track here. All tracks are instrumental apart from the homonymous track, which also has an instrumental version. Heavy, rock, metal & melodic elements are mixed with smooth, atmospheric, emotional & dark ones. There’s not a specific music tag that can describe this album. It blends various styles such as alternative, prog rock/metal, atmospheric & hard & heavy. I like the way Olivia expresses her inner emotional & psychological feelings through the album’s tracks. They have been worked & recorded carefully on the whole.
For me, the best track here is the self-titled one – both the version with the spoken words and the instrumental one. I do believe that Olivia could have used some vocals to some other tracks too… they could have made the final outcome a bit more diverse overall. Olivia has some very good ideas and she seems to be going strong on this music path even though she’s alone – I do think she enjoys it too. If you like strange instrumental music that’s full of emotion, then give a chance to “Synemotion”… you never know how it could turn out eventually…