Ogre - The Last Neanderthal

Ogre The Last Neanderthal cover
The Last Neanderthal
Minotauro Records
To say that Ogre’s musical style resembles that of Black Sabbath (during the “Black Sabbath” until “Sabotage” era), would be an understatement. The truth is that almost all 8 tracks in “The Last Neanderthal” sound like Black Sabbath unreleased B-sides. Same guitar sound, same vocal pitch, same slow, dragging drum rhythms and ultimately the exact same vibe. Take Son of Sisyphus for example, I could easily see this track as the B-side of Iron Man.
The truth is though that they’re all pretty tight songs, there’s no question about that. Old-school, straight-up proto-metal/doom tracks which might have been considered little gems if they had been released in the 70s. The problem is that in 2014 the whole thing sounds a little bit too close to grave robbing, to my ears at least.
To cut a long story short, things here couldn’t be simpler: If you like the sound of 70s Black Sabbath, then you’ll like “The Last Neanderthal”, if you never did or have grown out of it, then you won’t like “The Last Neanderthal”. That’s basically the case.