This Oceanic Feeling - Universal Mind

This Oceanic Feeling Universal Mind cover
This Oceanic Feeling
Universal Mind
Cherry Red Records
This Oceanic Feeling is a brand new music project which is led by the notable songwriter & producer Chris Braide. Along comes the well-known drummer Ash Soan (Adele, Lily Allen, Mark Owen, Cher, Dido, Nelly Furtado, Billy Idol, etc.) and the eminent bassist Lee Pomeroy (It Bites, Rock Wakeman, Take That).
Surely, you’re wondering what they sound like, right? That’s the catch with this trio and that’s what surprised me nicely overall. They blend the 80s/90s pop/rock & new wave music with the contemporary sounds of our time. It’s like having The Police jamming with Asia while REM, U2, The Cars & Simple Minds are interfering whenever they feel like doing so… all that under a contemporary full & crystal clear sound. Another plus is the superb musicianship. You’ll enjoy every little piece of music cuz it is played artistically.
“Universal Mind” features tracks that are meant for the airwaves. They are very radio-friendly, catchy, smooth and easy-listening. “Lie Detector”, “Put Down the Gun”, “Radio”, “Logotherapy”, “I Play Debussey” (super hit), “Karma Camera”… those tracks would have got a major radio-play a couple of decades ago. I still hope they get what they deserve today so as not to get lost in the enormous ocean of the new releases. This album has a positive & a sophisticated musical background. It will change your inner mood as soon as you start listening to it. Closing, “Universal Mind” is a refined, melodic, artistic and well-crafted modern piece of new wave pop/rock music, which will captivate all those who are fond of nice melodies & easy atmospheres…