No Possession Blues - No Possession Blues

No Possession Blues
No Possession Blues
Doolittle Group AB
Guessing by the band’s name, I was expecting to hear some blues rock music. Surely, you can’t go wrong with a name like that. That is exactly what you take as long as you play this album. No Possession Blues started out in Sweden in 2009 and since then they have given several live gigs. Lately, they started recording songs for their self-titled debut album.
So far so good… but what’s going on? Well, blues rock is certainly a refined and also very demanding genre in terms of playing and inspiration. Take Gary Moore for instance. When he jumped into the blues, he did leave his stamp on it. Certainly NPB ain’t Gary Moore but I’m sure they could have done better. The guys move on safe waters by just “recycling” what’s been done in the genre so far. They do add some rockabilly elements every now and then but the major problem remains. No inspiration, no fresh ideas and a run-of-the-mill final outcome.
Fairly, without being a big blues fan, I have heard the same music themes & ideas too many times before that it has kinda become irritating in the end. If there’s no creativity among the blues rock bands anymore, they better stay on stage playing covers of known blues songs instead of copying them so profoundly. NPB play well, they would surely be a good band to see live on a small club on a Saturday night, but that’s all. They have nothing more or fresh to give to the blues rock music.