No Sinner - Old Habits Die Hard

No Sinner Old Habits Die Hard
No Sinner
Old Habits Die Hard
Provogue/Mascot Label Group
No Sinner is a Vancouver based band that recently released their sophomore album. Fronted by Colleen Rennison, a nice looking young lady,] that sounds fairly like your average Janis meets Allanah cross, until see come across a chorus or some other part that allows her “scream demon” to manifest itself… and mind ya it’s not mindless yelling, but some sexy, raunchy, hip rock n roll sort of singing that just rolls with a well-oiled backing band that takes no prisoners when they let rip, ie on “Leadfoot” or the very rnr “Saturday Night” but can also break into a laid back blues rock like “Hollow” to wind down a bit. In between it’s all over the place, but going in all the right places, on songs like “All Woman” and “Trying”
Heck, I don’t want to go on saying how much the album rocks, but it does. Sometimes words are poor to describe certain “experiences” and you need to sin, to appreciate what “No Sinner” are all about. I confess and I repent and I’m gonna go and get both of the albums… I promise! Gorgeous Rock & Roll, with hints of blues in more ways than one!