Night - Offerings

Eleventh Key
Night came into being in 2007 as Bobby’s (guitar & programming) drone/noise project and it is coming from the US. After a demo (2007) and two EPs (2008 & 2011) and the addition of two extra members, Matt Jackson (bass) & Zach Nace (guitar), they started working of what it was meant to be their debut album.
Blending various music styles such as: ambient, industrial, black metal, noise, atmospheric, doom, rock, metal… while retaining their post-rock contextual… they came up with a dark, obscure, instrumental outcome that will appeal to those who are fond of post-rock music that does not follow a specific recipe. Night have also added the personal “musical vibes” of their members.
Since, I’m not into this kind of music… I cannot make any further comparisons, but I would suggest those who like this music style & search things out… listen to this band somehow. I also think that they need to have a better and tighter production… but that is something that will be taken care of in the future by the band.