Night Ranger - High Road

Night Ranger High Road cover
Night Ranger
High Road
Frontiers Records
New album for the notable US melodic rockers Night Ranger. I was never a big fan of the band and I do think that they have enjoyed much more fame & fortune than they deserve – in comparison with other better acts – but then again that’s my personal perspective.
Anyhow, there’s nothing new here or non-expected. Things are exactly in the same pace as in the band’s previous works. Melodic rock, AOR, hard rock and a bit more modern influences here & there. OK songwriting, great performances, superb production and that’s all.
Want more? You should probably look out for another act to revel in. The band’s loyal fans will fancy this album – as they do with almost every new release – and that the good part of it. You won’t find any track that will rock your world apart form the very good and heartfelt “Don’t Live Here Anymore”. All the other tracks are nice but nothing spectacular whatsoever. No surprises here… you always know what you’ll get by Night Ranger… and so they deliver.