Nickelback - Here And Now

Nickelback Here And Now cover
Here And Now
Roadrunner Records
Many people might get hot under the collar when they see the rating, in that various songs of this album have been on top positions in the UK Rock Chart. Yet, the reason why there has been so much fuss around the album totally eludes me… it is just another good work made by Nickelback, but nothing exceptional or of supreme intricacy. Chad Kroeger possesses a really nice voice as I see it, and the rest of the group performs equally well still, huge differences or advancement in comparison to their previous work are barely noticeable. I heard exactly what I expected to hear. Commercial lyrics, good production along with professional performances. Nothing more, nothing less.
“This Means War” (first song of the album) was released as a single on November 10, 2011 and this gives an excellent opportunity for “sampling”. “Steel Panther” influences are more than obvious to those familiar with the group, but then again they are not overly bold. After the collaboration Chad had with “Steel Panther” it would have been inevitable not to have fallen under their spell… More of my taste are: “Midnight Queen”, “Lullaby”, “Kiss It Goodbye”, “Trying Not To Love You” and “Don’t Ever Let It End”. Lastly, I liked the cover artwork much. Brennan Brousseau gave a whole different perspective to the Gastown Steam Clock in Vancouver.