New Disorder - Straight to the Pain

New Disorder Straight to the Pain cover
New Disorder
Straight to the Pain
Agoge Records
New Disorder is a bunch of Italians, who seem to mingle rock and punk with slight prog overtones. They have a pretty terrible singer who seems to sing everything under his breath, and just rise in his “attacks” towards the end of each word he sings.
“Straight to the Pain” is their second effort, but I am not sure, if within the time before releasing this one the band did any soul-searching, since they don’t seem entirely sure, about the genre they want to follow. There are songs like “Never Too Late to Die”, where the band just comes up with a whole load of different ideas, from different genres that they sort of stitch together, but it’s not as harmonious as it sounds. “Judgement Day” could have been a minor hit, but the singing is so idiosyncratically bad, that it just makes it sink. There’s the poppy “Lost in London” (which is also reprised acoustically – not that it’s too heavy to begin with) but still, the band doesn’t manage to rise above mediocrity. A change of the singer would be rather imperative, unless, it’s his band, in which case… there might be other options, I guess...