Nervosa - Agony

Nervosa Agony cover
Nervosa is a Brazilian all female trio that has been going on for five or six years and have managed to become fairly popular despite their locale. Taking several pages and cues from Germanic thrash metal and bands such as Destruction and the like and with riffing that references early Slayer and Sodom and a leather lunged singer in Fernanda that sounds a bit like Chuck did at his most extreme, these girls don’t rely on looks, or if they did, those looks would kill you and then feast on your corpse!
They hardly ever let go of the “gas” with all songs relentless and break necking fast, with “Theory of Conspiracy” being one of the better picks early on the album.
“Failed System” stands apart as it’s all more controlled and slower and “Hostages” also dwells a bit on that premise, but tends to have some breaks that change things towards the more extreme. Following that song, the wild whirling and Slayeresque mad tremolo action gives way, to a slightly more straightforward death/thrash style for the most part that’s more direct and less “pretty” but feels a lot more appropriate.
“Surrounded By Serpents” is a good example of that… while “Hypocrisy” and “Devastation” are more inspired by heavy/speed, but again without going for the crazy and uncontrollable style that made slayer for instance “interesting” but something more pedestrian.
Interesting enough is the closing (bonus track) “Wayfarer” that mixes speeds and styles, as it’s slow and soulful-bluesy initially and then goes death metal to only end up with an acapella show off from Fernanda. Quite nice…
All in all, not a bad effort at all with modern production, but old school ethos. And I’d better watch my tongue or maybe these cuties, might have it for BBQ if I speak harshly against them (just kidding there’s nothing bad I’d say about them anyway). Quite a decent band an effort with an increasing number of interesting bands coming out of Latin America as of late. Worth checking out. Definitely…