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Neon Alley
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This Bostonian trio led by David Vaccaro, who handles lead vocals, guitars and keyboards, Mike McDonald on bass and additional vocals and Scott Marion on drums & percussion debuts with its eponymous album and an up-to-date modernized 80s hard rock sound.
Vaccaro started around in the 90s and has collaborated on demos with the likes of Robin McAuley (Grand Prix, McAuley Schenker Group, Survivor, Raiding The Rock Vault), James Christian (House of Lords), Christopher Post (Dillinger) and Dennis Gresham. Props should be given to anyone who sticks to their guns for so long, but on the other hand it’s not too hard to see, why he hasn’t amounted to much; he’s a decently competent player but somewhat limited vocalist, who at least knows his boundaries and doesn’t seek to overstep them.
While on his past collaborations the “famous guys” aforementioned handled a good amount of vocals here the weight falls to him and combined with the somewhat derivative tunes that are not bad, but surely won’t blow you out of the water, leaves a very middle of the road, have heard of that lick before impression. Also the direction is not entirely defined, with mostly “rock ‘n roll” inspired numbers that feel like proto-Kiss, including even a cover of “Jailhouse Rock” in such a style, but then a lot of very melodic backyard BBQ sort of ballads and soft rockers that leave quite a bit to be desired. Not terrible, but not out and out great either.