Nechochwen - O+O

Nechochwen O+O cover
Bindrune Recordings
Nechochwen with their third work, as they claim, they focus on the guidance our ancestors bring to us in modern times. “O+O” is being released as an LP by their label… but with the running time at 31 minutes… I could call it more of an EP. The band itself considers this album as a “double EP” with two sides… the acoustic, mellower one and the extreme & black other. I cannot tell what “double EP” means… but I’m sure that an album less than 35 minutes it’s called EP.
Anyway, enough with the time thing. I’ll agree with the band that this work has two sides… the one that they focus on more acoustic, atmospheric, folk & organic music and the other that they do not forget to embellish their sound with black metal elements. I prefer more their folk, dark, atmospheric & acoustic side, as their ideas are very good and the tunes are kinda more enjoyable. The last two songs… is where the black - atmospheric - metal kicks into their music. They’re not bad at all… although they sound rather overheard to my ears. The production is fine… with a little bit of “underground” touch. If you are into folk melodies, Indian spirits, acoustic guitars and some metal (black) features then why not try them out…
PS: You can stream the whole album here.