Nasty Idols - Kalifornia

Nasty Idols
Perris Records
I was pretty happy when I saw the band back in 2006 at the Sweden Rock Festival. Then almost after three years, they released a new work under the name “Boys Town” which was good. Thus, there was quite some anticipation for their new release, as I dig the band’s first three albums.
Unfortunately, “Kalifornia” didn’t meet my expectations… and I do not believe that the band will be so excited about it in the future, neither can it be compared to the first releases as well. Firstly, the sound is quite muddy but not bad… it has a “raw” energy though. Secondly, the more basic of all is the songwriting… which lacks of catchiness & creativity. You would expect stuff like this from bands that are newcomers and influenced by Nasty Idols, Motley Crue and so on… but not from one of the big European sleaze hard rock bands of the late 80s/early90s. The material here is too generic and ordinary. Nothing memorable at all, except for a few nice tunes such as: “Kalifornia”, “Night by Night”, “Roadtrip” & “Since U Been Gone”.
Nasty Idols can do so much better than this. Honestly, I was expecting for something way better and full of sleaze hard power… things which “Kalifornia” doesn’t seem to offer no matter how many times I’ve listened to it. Let’s hope the band’s follow-up release, will re-establish them among the top sleaze hard rock European acts again.