In Mourning - Weight of Oceans

In Mourning Weight of Oceans cover
In Mourning
Weight of Oceans
Spinefarm Records
Just about 2 years ago these Swedish newcomers presented their second release “Monolith” which basically opened the road and gave them more popularity. So as it is obvious those who saw a new promising band taking its first steps are/were rather anxious to hear the third work of the band, which in many cases show how the future is gonna be like.
In Mourning, taking the elements from their previous two albums as granted, decided to take their music a step further and they made it more progressive than before but with equal doses of brutality and melody as well. There’s the progressive parts which have meaning and offer something weird yet captivating and those long boring prog parts that are going nowhere and don’t make the outcome any better. Unfortunately, In Mourning decided to go more progy but they didn’t keep in mind that prog is not only long repetitive music themes but something more than this and going prog isn’t as easy as it seems. They’re trying to achieve something that Opeth have done in the past… but to my ears Opeth didn’t quite succeed in it either. They could have delivered shorter songs and not long ones just for the sake of it… that would have been more interesting and they wouldn’t bore the listener at times. The vocals have improved properly and that’s something that leaves good impressions in the end.
The album was recorded, mixed and mastered in Abyss and Black Lounge studios in Grangarde, Sweden, with engineer Jonas Kjellgren and the final result is superb. In Mourning could have done it better but this album is not bad at all. It has some very good extreme, heavy, atmospheric parts… but overall, it is not as consistent as it should have been in order to impress you eventually. It’s solid but not exceptional… I think that “Monolith” is somewhat better…