In This Moment - Black Widow

In This Moment Black Widow cover
In This Moment
Black Widow
I’m very glad that I finally came upon the “worst album” of 2014! At last! Yeah I know that various weak and unbearable albums were released in 2014, but I think that none can reach this album’s level of shitload!
I know that In This Moment have always been a “weird” modern extreme, metalcore, industrial, alternative, pop metal female-fronted band but after they moved to the multinational Atlantic they became a hybrid of alternative, pop, modern, electro, rap, industrial, metalocre, hip-hop, gay-extreme Barbie metal! Totally worthless and shity. Wow it takes some big ballz to release something that terrible, crappy, intolerable, repulsive and inharmonious. This is the Lady Gaga of metalcore…
This is soooo ghastly that it actually made me wanna listen to it from start to finish (at once)… I’m such a masochist at times! They even seemed to have an “epiphany” of songwriting as the album has 13 tracks with total length around 60 minutes!!! How can you “compose” bullshit for one hour?! This should be a documentary theme one day! It’s soooo friggin unbelievable! Even the duet with Brent Smith (Shinedown), and the polished production by Kevin Churko (Ozzy, Slash, 5FDP, Hinder, Hellyeah, etc.) couldn’t save it from total disaster. “Black Widow” is definitely the worst album of 2014 and I f@ckin’ fancy it…