Midnite Sun - Anyone Like Us?

Midnite Sun
Anyone Like Us?
It may have taken them almost 7 years to release their sophomore album, but I think that these Italians are in the right way generally. Their new updated rhythm section includes the drummer Mike Galletto (Replosion) who joined in 2009 and the bass player Marco Nicoli (The Unripes, Sutuana). Of course the bass in the album was recorded by Marco Morelli and on tracks “Lost in a Killing Field”, “Mind the Gap” & “Inferno” the drums were played by Alessandro Mori. The aforementioned songs were also recorded, mixed & mastered by Davide Di Marcantonio at Dimastudios in Mantona, Italy. The rest of the album was recorded by Burato Oscar at Atomic Stuff Studios, mixed by Vitt Magro and mastered by Vitty Magro & Carlo Cantini at Digitube Studios in Mantona, Italy.
You may wonder why I’m so thorough about the recordings… but believe me, they are crucial for the album. The fact that 3 songs were actually recorded, mixed and mastered at another studio by another producer/engineer surely changes the overall sound. The album has a good sound in general and the mixing procession was quite good. Then we have the major deadly sin of all producers/engineers who do the mastering on a release. Here, specifically, the songs have been over-compressed, probably in an attempt to sound louder and more dynamic… but they failed in the end. Listening to the album at max volume with headphones makes it going over the top at times and the sound is distorted a bit. Why do the bass tones of the low frequency reach their peak most of the times? Luckily, that kinda unprofessional mastering didn’t affect the final outcome that much. But, if it had been done wisely and more carefully it would assuredly have added extra points to the album eventually.
Dealing with the music part of this release, I can tell that the band has actually delivered some very tasteful and rockin’ tunes. Sometimes, more into the classic rock side, others with more sleaze elements, a few ones with some alternative touches and several ones with a bit contemporary hard rock features. The two ballads, “Fault” & “Postcards From My Life” are wonderful and very melodious. The hard rockin’ songs, on the other hand, are nicely done with a variety of nice melodies. “Anyone Like Us?” is truly a very good album that will surely, give Midnite Sun a chance to become more popular in the rock scene in general, not only of their homeland. I was expecting for something good, as I’d listened to a promo track some time ago, but the album is better than I thought it would be. If it weren’t for that sound drawback, then it would have been higher rated for sure. Midnite Sun is, undoubtedly, a very good band and “Anyone Like Us?” is a very enjoyable album…