Martiria - Roma S.P.Q.R.

Roma S.P.Q.R.
My Graveyard Productions
Martiria were formed back in 1987 when power metal, epic metal & doom metal music was on their prime. Those were some damn good years. Having been influenced by that era and from bands like Manowar, Warlord, Candlemass and so on, they are telling their heroic stories accompanied by pure metal.
“Roma S.P.Q.R.” is about the Roman Empire in general. The band is trying to create some intense & grand epic atmosphere but it fails due to the singer’s bad accent and because he lacks a strong & colorful voice. Probably, they do wanna be an underground band because this kind of disadvantage makes a band “cult” or whatever. Moreover, the production is a bit weak, not very heavy & dynamic. It’s not awful; I’d rather call it a so and so one. I can’t say, although I do like epic heavy/power metal music, that this album grabbed my attention for the most part. Its long duration (about 57 minutes) along with the flat production and the singer’s slightly tolerable vocals do not hit on target.
Unfortunately, this is the weakest of the epic metal albums that I’ve listened to in 2012. When Manowar’s latest work is objectively mediocre how can this one be any better on the whole? As I read on the band’s official website, they parted ways with their singer Freddy, in a way to take a more international way. So, I guess they do not wish to stay an underground band anymore… and I wasn’t wrong at all when I mentioned the things that hold ‘em back. Also Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, Dio, Heaven & Hell etc.) will record the drums for the band’s next album! Thus, good luck to them…