Martina Eddoff - Unity

Martina Eddoff Unity cover
Martina Eddoff
Into Records
Martina Edoff has been dabbling in rock matters, but not exclusively only in them, having worked with Swedish artists as diverse as Dr.Alban (techno/eurodance), E-type (the bizarre but ultra-successful in their native Sweden, crossover Eurodance/pop/rock act, that featured as its main person the one time drummer of Maninnya Blade and Hexenhaus, Martin Bo Erik Eriksson, to being one of the original The Poodles when they were still a covers band… now following that she also did dabble for a couple of years in some of those “TV talent shows” in Sweden, which resulted in the release of a few singles. As of late the Swedish lady seems to be trying her luck at some pure rock, which she professes to be her original “love”. “Unity” appears to be her second attempt, which she co-wrote with Heat’s Jona Tee with pretty much most of the rest of the band also aiding in the production… and it’s some not too shabby hard rock with tidy solos and soaring vocals.
The years of experience that Martina has accumulated, seem to pay off dividends, as she easily soars over most of the minimalist, but pretty easy to like melodies. “Unity” has a rather strong chorus and some nice soloing, while “Never Let You Down” stresses its chorus to the point of breaking it.
“World Has Gone Mad”, which also was shot for a video, is more urgent and obviously tries to pass a pacifist message to a world gone bad with cruelty… oh well…
“Spirit of Light” is a lighthearted about those who have their life in front of them, still not disappointed by having half trodden the path, without a hope to find any gold at the end of the dole queue… sorry the rainbow of Douche Bank…
“Come Alive” comes alive with a huge tumbling riff and sounds like one of these early The Poodles anthems in a way… with a big bright chorus.
“I’m Mining” (possibly means Martina is interested in electronic currency! Joking!) is all about trying hard to find whatever one is seeking in life… pretty protestant, ideal since sometimes one man’s wealth means another man’s misery. I.e. if there weren’'t Chinese sweatshops either people in Europe would be paupers paid ziltch to make goods, or goods would be 10 times dearer than they are today… “finding gold” seems to be against the whole message of “Unity” unless one’s to give it away…
“Love Keeps Turning Away” is a bit reminiscent of Europe with a bit of Anastasia type of vocals.
“Moment of Truth” is a ballad about being cheated in a relationship, a song obviously a lot could relate to.
“Sound of Thunder” is a predictable power pop number that’s reminiscent of some big 80s pop number in some ways but overall not too bad.
“This Love is Crazy” is another song about a broken relationship that someone should get out of and it’s got the same dynamic as some of Robin Beck’s better moments, while “Caught in the Middle” begins as a hurt ballad, but goes soaring power ballad for the chorus, while also featuring a funky rhythmical pattern during it.
Overall imagine of a bit of latter day Cher, mid-era Robin Beck with splashes of Erika (Yngwie’s ex-wife), Europe and Heart in a more “mature” way and you’re pretty much spot on about what Martina Eddoff is all about.
Not bad in any way shape or form, but not terribly exciting either. I’m mostly positively inclined towards it, without calling it a classic. Tasteful, mature melodic hard rock from Sweden that a number of fans might find rather enjoyable, depending on their disposition.