Martin Orford - The Old Road

Martin Orford
The Old Road
Giant Electric Pea
Martin Orford is not only a well-respected musician but also an inspiring one… he has realized that music is an art and knows how to deliver stunning “sound-scapes” to the listener all those years. “The Old Road” is Martin’s second solo effort but this album also delivers bad news to the fans out there. First of all, Martin has left IQ for over a year now and after that he decided to record – release a new solo album as a farewell to the music scene. No, I’m joking at all. He has announced his complete withdrawal from the music industry at the end of 2008. But why? In a few words I could say, that he is an outspoken critic of the Internet and the “free music” culture, as Martin claims… but you will read more on the interview we had here.
Well, back to the album and I must report that famous artists like: John Wetton (Asia), Nick D’ Virgilio (Spock’s Beard), Dave Meros (Spock’s Beard), John Mitchell (It Bites, Arena), Dave Oberle (Gryphon), Gary Chandler (Jadis) and Steve Thorne are participating in it. So, as you can imagine the music quality of the album is excellent and every song will tell you an “old” story… and as Martin says: “the overall theme of the album reflects a celebration of traditional ways and a rejection of the less attractive aspects of the 21st century”. The album evokes a “nostalgic” prog rock feeling and the whole soundscape is embellished with beautiful melodies and 70s-80s prog rock passages. Martin always delivers music quality and this album is no exception.
Those who will buy this album will understand why musicians like Martin must stay and offer their music to the people… those who will download it and never even listen to it… will lose its whole meaning once more! Music is not a fast-food-thing…those ones will never get it… they will never be true music lovers…only those who know will love this album… so be it! Martin, thank you for the great music that you have offered us all those years… hope to see you back again someday.