Marillion - F E A R (Fuck Everyone and Run)

Marillion F E A R (Fuck Everyone and Run) cover
F E A R (Fuck Everyone and Run)
Bizarrely enough the title of the eighteenth Marillion album seems almost as if it’s trying to intentionally “shock”, albeit in a way that’s not exactly too sophisticated. Making the acronym of the album’s title obscene seems a little immature, which couldn’t be further from the truth, when it comes to the musical and lyrical approach of the Brits latest musical adventure…
Quite effortlessly Marillion sound their usual, epic, melancholic, great… Hogarth’s offering yet another deep, ponderous, emotional delivery all over the album’s five tracks, three of which (multipart) and span close to twenty minutes… yet without sounding confusing or forced. Critical and taking into consideration the latest occurrences around them the songs often focus of manifestations of “Fear” in modern life and the changing landscapes around us and they do so through ever-changing smooth transitions that fuse together, pop, rock, ambience and everything in between….
It’s quite awe inspiring how Marillion sound forward thinking and new, although they do not follow trends and quite possibly, they never managed to become “huge”. Maybe that preserved them, at the same time keeping them grounded and in touch with their audience and able to deliver so many seminal works of art… from “Eldorado” to the amazing close of “The New Kings” is just that… Art Rock.