Mammmothor - Devotion Lost

Mammmothor Devotion Lost cover
Devotion Lost
Independent Release
Mammothor is a quintet, out of Boston, Massachusetts, that’s been around for some five years now, producing an EP and, including this, two full albums. They seem a little confused as to what they want to do, with them characterizing their basis, blues based, but also progressive. One minute they try to have classic metal riffs they attribute to Iron Maiden and there are even some simple leads when on the next song it’s all screamo alternative, with their attempt at “groove” not able to antagonize bands and producers that really have made a “science” out of making riffs sound super-ultra-massive. While they have the odd good idea, here and there, there’s a lack of focus and melody, quite evident in songs like “Pillar of Simeon” that has a couple of nice riff ideas, but really is mostly spoken along, than sung…
Everyone can call anything prog and hope they get away with it, these days, but I call it just disoriented, disjointed and unfocused jamming presented as songs. Focus a bit; do you like Pliocene epoch animals or Norse Mythology more? Do you like classic rock/metal or groove more? Once you can answer these questions, try taking another stub at doing an album, cause right now, I don’t think you’re really appealing to “any” particular crowd.