Majesty of Revival - Iron Gods

Majesty of Revival Iron Gods cover
Majesty of Revival
Iron Gods
Power Prog Records/Metalism Records
“Iron Gods” is the sophomore release by Ukraine’s Majesty of Revival a power metal band that seems to mingle neoclassical elements with some prog element and generally going for a more classical inspired sound, with a fuller production and attack, not so much relying on the histrionics of guitars and keyboards to make an impression by showing a somewhat more mature approach, with a balance between instruments. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t numerous impressive guitar and key solos that are also exchanged among the tracks.
The band seems to utilize 2 dedicated vocalists Konstantin Naumenko and Oleksa Dynnyk which is somewhat “unusual” to say the least, as they don’t seem to have that many vocals as to justify that and there is also another guitarist that provides more backing vocals, so good luck on guessing who sings what (without having a previous clue). In general they do have some typical genre vocals, that are not bad with slight traces of an accent that are not annoying that they seem to mix with some more atmospheric “darker” but not necessarily brutal ones at times.
There’s no denying that the band’s fairly talented with tracks like “Infernal Grays”, “Edge of Sanity” (Dan Swano Beckons) and “Wicked Game” being some of the most impressive ones, while the rest are not too far behind. If I were to complain about something, that would have to be the relative homogeneity... the band tends to do the songs out of almost a template... or a series of them, with few variations, ending up more or less in some 4/4 sort of count midway (some song that I was counting to...) which is not making them any huge favors in terms of standing out of the crowd… while they try to do a couple of things within each song, variety is not exactly their strong point, but being a young band, that’s forgivable.
They’re definitely a band worth checking out and I’d keep their name in my mind, they might positively impress us, in the near future, these guys.