Magnet - Feel Your Fire

Magnet Feel Your Fire cover
Feel Your Fire
Soulseller Records
Magnet is a new Italian band, which was formed in the first half of 2016, by the Psychedelic Witchcraft bassist, Riccardo Giuffrè, who handles the vocals & guitars here. Apart from the band’s name that ain’t very “original”, as there are several other “magnet” bands around, Magnet has a different musical approach than Riccardo’s main band, Psychedelic Witchcraft. They are into heavy rock, blues rock, hard rock and rock & roll music of the 70s. They do have a Sabbath vibe (how couldn’t they?!) but their style is not so heavy in general. For instance, the laid-back “Magnet Caravan” is reminiscent of Sabbath’s more laid-back moments such as “Solitude”.
The production has a 70s touch all over it but it ain’t “retro”, as many bands are trying to sound like today… the “analog sound” trick is quite “trendy” these days, but I kinda like it when it is done properly and not too “intensively”. Anyhow, the band plays well, without adding anything new or original to the genre and they just follow the path of their 70s idols. It’s a decent release for the fans of the specific genre.