Mad Max - Another Night of Passion

Mad Max Another Night of Passion cover
Mad Max
Another Night of Passion
Faithful to their two-year music appointment, at least during the last few years, Mad Max are back with their tenth studio work. The band, which started out in the early 80s, became more melodic with every new album. “Night of Passion” was released in 1987 and, I believe that’s the best work of the band so far. So, the title of the new album, “Another Night of Passion”, implies that this might be the second part of that release, 25 years later. Well, it’s hard to top that album… and also hard to reach it.
The guys reunited in the late 90s… but they became more active in the mid-00s, when they started releasing one album after the other. Nowadays, they’re back with their original line-up. Their sound is rather more updated but without losing some 80s and 90s features. Michael Voss is a very talented vocalist/guitarist/songwriter/producer… and has participated in many bands all these years. My personal favorite will always be Casanova… and I’m truly waiting for a new album even though Vossi has closed that door many years now.
Anyhow, “Another Night of Passion” is the most solid album Mad Max has released since 2006 (when they were back for good)… and although it has some nice rockers, some fine melodies and guitars… it doesn’t impress at all. I do not know what’s wrong but obviously some songs do sound more generic than others. There’s a few songs here such as: “Fallen From Grace”, “Black Swan”, “The Chant”, “Fever of Love” & the instrumental “True Blue” that are above average… making this album better than the previous 4 releases. The production, which was taken care by Voss himself… is very good and has a rockin’ edge. They seem to be on the right road, especially now with the original line-up, but I still wanna see Vossi back in Casanova…