Macbeth - Neo-Gothic Propaganda

Macbeth Neo-Gothic Propaganda cover
Neo-Gothic Propaganda
Dragonheart/Audioglobe SRL
After 7 years of absence, Macbeth are back with their fifth full-length album. As the album title proclaims, the gothic rock/metal, atmospheric & symphonic elements are the majority here. The few “extreme metal” features on the tracks also reveal a rather aggressive side of the band. For instance, listen to “Empire’s Gall”.
Without having to offer anything new to the female-fronted symphonic & gothic metal genre, Macbeth go by the book and they present a fairly good result. All the performances are good and specifically Morena seems to be in a good shape. The production is also quite good even though it could have been a bit tighter and full.
7 years is a long time to be away from music but Macbeth act like they haven’t been away. They do what they always do, without overdoing themselves. Things now are weirder and more difficult than they used to be 7 years ago and the chances are even fewer so as to succeed. Nevertheless, it’s always good to see bands following their dreams and trying to get a place in the sun. “Neo-Gothic Propaganda” is a solid sympho/gothic metal album even though it does miss a couple of catchy songs to give it a major push…