L.R.S. - Down to the Core

L.R.S. Down to the Core cover
Down to the Core
Frontiers Records
L.R.S. is a new project which is based on vocalist Tommy La Verdi (21 Guns, Kens Dojo etc.), guitarist Josh Ramos (The Storm, Two Fires, Hardline etc.) & drummer Michael Shotton (Von Groove, Airtime, May Child etc.). That’s the story behind the initials of the project’s name. The real mastermind, producer & songwriter behind this project is the well-known Alessandro Del Vecchio (Edge of Forever, Hardline, Silent Force etc.) and his band. In truth to be told, this is one of the numerous Frontiers recs projects which can be produced anytime, any day due to the material that some producers/songwriters like Alessandro have on their studio shelves. It’s not the first time that Frontiers recs brings some known members together for an album and it won’t be the last. It’s true that none of the musicians above is the big name but they all are respected & very good musicians on the whole.
The press release says that this project was made in order to bring Tommy back on the scene. Why not?! Tommy is a very good vocalist and if you listen to the great “salute” album by 21 Guns you will get an idea. Now, why he had to push himself to sound like a Steve Perry clone on this album is beyond me. The same applies for all tracks which are “copy-paste” from Journey’s songs. Why’s that? Did we need another Journey clone? What does this album have to offer overall? Even Ramos’ solos are like Neal Schön’s ones. This has gone too far. I bet Alessandro has 2-3 dozens of tracks like those on his shelf. The production is great but it’s just identical to every project or band Alessandro produces these days. It kinda reminds me of the same case Frontiers had almost a decade ago with Dennis Ward (Pink Cream 69, Place Vendome, Unisonic, Sunstorm etc.).
Anyhow, if you’re into Journey, like me, then this album has nothing to offer you. It’s solid & well-produced but I do not think I’ll ever play it again. It’s one shot deal. If you have never heard of Journey – if that’s even possible – then you’ll find this album fine… till you listen to Journey and forget all about it. No matter how good a clone is… it will always be a clone and it cannot be compared to the actual thing…