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Les Friction cover artwork 2012
Les Friction
Les Friction
Mariposa Lane Music Inc./Would Work Sound LLC
Les Friction took shape, when the music group E.S. Posthumus, which had given various music themes to movies & TV series such as: Minority Report, The Matrix Reloaded , The Time Machine, Avatar, Lost and Heroes among others, officially split up after the death of Franz Vonlichten, who had formed this project along with his brother Helmut. After a while, Helmut joined forces with Nihl Finch and the singer `Paint to complete the debut homonymous album.
The album has, obviously, all those features that E.S. Posthumus used to have… the lyrical, epic, symphonic, orchestral, pop, electronic themes are all here… but this time, it has also got some prog/art rock elements and of course, Paint’s wonderful voice that dyes this whole music amalgam with beautiful colors. It’s kind of hard to describe the music… for it speaks better for itself… if you listen to any song from this album. It has those impressive music orchestral themes that movie soundtracks have… but it also features some great vocal performances that separate it from any OST.
This is a concept album that deals with humans travelling to alternate dimensions and the fight they must give so as to save the earth from certain destruction. The story takes place in 9 wonderful songs… that their tempos and music influences vary… starting from the imposing epic “Louder Than Words”, the fantastic lyrical “Torture” (Paint’s performance reminded me of the unique Freddie a little bit – Bruce Watson played the guitar solo), the catchy pop-ish “What You Need”, the electro-orchestral “Here Comes the Reign”, the atmospheric “World on Fire”, the intense positive “Save Your Life”, the symphonic pop/rock “Sunday”, the essential “String Theory” and the amazing emotional “Come Back to Me” (featuring Emily Valentine on vocals). Check out the instrumental version of the songs for they are brilliant as well.
This isn’t an album that you hear every day… so there is no need to put it under any labels or tags. You must always look out for albums like this one… for you won’t see any big labels releasing and supporting this kind of music in any case. Do not fall for big advertising campaigns… good music is beyond that kind of tricks and it is everywhere around you. Les Friction’s music addresses to those who love music generally and they do not care for genres or styles. After all, everyone fancies pleasant music as well as beautiful songs and, believe me, this album has it all. If magnificent music is what you’re looking for, then “Les Friction” will, surely, excite you... A masterpiece of another dimension!
PS: You can get the instrumetal version of the songs if you get the album digitally from: Itunes & Amazon.