Lelio Padovani - The Big Picture

Lelio Padovani The Big Picture cover
Lelio Padovani
The Big Picture
Independent Release
Well, no matter how big this picture might be, it’s the quality that counts. And I can tell that this CD is of good quality. Guitar oriented instrumental songs, structured upon Padovani’s guitar skills, which are outspoken. Whenever I listen to similar albums, my mind goes directly to Joe Satriani, and especially his two monumental albums “Surfing with the Alien” and “Flying in a Blue Dream”. In Satriani’s teachings add here a bit of Al Di Meola and Marty Friedman and you get the picture of this album.
The good thing is that the outcome remains mostly heavy, with a very good rhythm section. The bad thing is that at the end the whole listening becomes a bit boring, as happens with most instrumental albums. I can say that this is mostly music for musicians, although a well-trained listener will find some very good moments here.