Leathermask - Lithic

Leathermask Lithic cover
Sleaszy Rider Records
Leathermask is an Italian band that started in 2008, initially as a cover band till they became a proper band with a stable line-up in 2011. The band started giving some live shows and also working on their own stuff. In 2013 they released their debut EP, The Key”. In the last months of 2015 the band began working on their full-length debut album. During the recordings the original bassist left and after a while bass-player Federico Fontanari (Spanner Head, Bullet-Proof) joined the band.
Musically, Leathermask have a thing for the 80s metal. Their music balances between heavy metal & thrash metal of the 80s. It has elements from both genres but they lean more to the traditional metal side as well. The vocals, without being anything special, are reminiscent of the way most vocalists from bands of the 80s used to sing. And those “shrieks” at places are somewhat “funny” in a (good) way. The production is fine but I’d prefer it to be a little heavier and punchier on the whole. You see this kind of riffy heavy music needs to be more dynamic in general.
Leathermask honor the 80s metal… an era when metal music was very popular and the most significant bands were also formed. Nowadays, new bands that fancy the 80s metal era, are keeping the metal flame alive but unfortunately they do not offer anything new to metal music, they just chew over all these elements that were presented during the 80s. Nonetheless, those who like the 80s metal music overall should give a listen to “Lithic”…