Laura Meade - Remedium

Laura Meade Remedium cover
Laura Meade
Doone Records
The vocalist of Izz, Laura Meade, has finally released her debut solo album. Having some prog elements here and there, the album is more laid back, atmospheric and ambient on the whole. It still maintains various pop melodies along with an acoustic character and it’s generally straightforward, especially when it is compared to the Izz’s releases.
Then again, this is a solo album, so Laura expresses herself in way she wants to, without having to follow any kind of strict rules. The sound is clear and leaves space for her wonderful voice to shine, as it does from start to finish. Apart from the participation of Izz’s band members on several songs, she is also accompanied by Randy McStine (The Fringe, Lo-Fi Resistance) on “Sunflowers at Chernobyl” and Jason Hart (I and Thou, Renaissance, Camel) on “Irradiation”.
Every musician has the need to express themselves in their own way when it comes to “inner” music, and so does Luara with the release of “Remedium”. I do not know when or if she will ever release another solo album, but it’s nice to see talented musicians to release albums that offer inner tranquility to them and to their listeners…