Lance Lopez - Live in NYC

Lance Lopez Live in NYC cover
Lance Lopez
Live in NYC
Cleopatra Records
Lance Lopez is a famed blues guitarist from Texas that has some 6 or so studio albums under his belt and a few live ones, as a solo artist. His latest achievement is the new band called Supersonic Blues Machine where he plays the guitar and sings along with Fabrizio Grossi on bass and Kenny Aronoff on drums. Their debut is out now, so it’s a good coincidence that both albums are out around the same time-period.
“Live in NYC”, as the title declares, showcases how Lance delivered the blues in NYC. Along with Lance, there are Chris Reddan on drums and Mike Nunno on bass. This is great trio that delivers the goods (blues) in every possible way. If you know Lance, then you know what to expect. The production is OK, even though it’s a little “muddy” at place… I’d prefer it to be clearer though.
The album features 7 tracks, 5 of which are from Lance’s latest album “Handmade Music”, one (“El Paso Sugar”) from “Higher Ground” and another (“Tell the Truth”) from “Texas Prophecies” (an album that was supposed to have been released but it has yet to be?! – I do not really know what has happened). Anyhow, “Live in NYC” is a fine sample of what Lance is all about but it mostly address Lance’s loyal fans on the whole.