Lamb Of God - Resolution

Lamb Of God Resolution cover
Lamb Of God
Roadrunner Records
Just imagine a world for a while… a world where the skillful and the excellent would rule… a music world where there would be not mediocre musicians (neither bad ones) and only magnificent albums would be released… one every month or so… while labels would not support bands that do not have anything to offer to our beloved music… it’s not all for the money in this damn world!
Having said that, it’s time to return to reality… the US metalers are releasing their 7th album entitled “Resolution”. I honestly do not know why these guys have so fame & fortune. What is that component that separates them from other heavy/thrash (extreme) metal bands? Are they great music players? Just good… not even close to great. Are they great songwriters? Nowhere near that… simply copying their influences trying to make some decent songs… which have nothing to offer, neither will they be referred as metal hymns in the future. Is this riff (groovy) metal? Where are the massive guitar riffs and licks? Maybe, they are lost inside the big refined production… Why, are so many people worshiping them and rating their albums so high? What have LoG offered during the last decade, with every new album they release? If you began listening to metal music at the early 00s then it’s quite understandable why you like bands like LoG, Trivium, DevilDriver, Slipknot etc. so much. If you’re older, then you know why you dislike those bands as well. All of them are doubling the big bands that influenced them (see Metallica, Megadeth, Pantera, Slayer, Death etc) without delivering something that can be compared to the music of the abovementioned bands. Moreover, they are responsible for the downside that metal music took in the 00s. They never offered something new to metal music (the deathcore/metalcore elements they’ve added are just rubbish)… and they never managed to draw their own direction away from the bands that inspired them. Why shouldn’t I listen to the real thing (which the members of those bands also favor?) and try to listen to some artists that are trying hard to be as successful as their music idols?
This may be a well-produced album… it has a heavy and polished production which was done by Josh Wilbur… but that’s it. We have listened to this kind of music many times before… actually, played better and in a more inspired way… the same things again and again’… without a good song… just aggressiveness and heaviness for the sake of brutality. Sorry guys… now I get it…why I was never a fan of bands such as this one… alternatively, if you are 18-20 years old and you are full of anger or have some personal issues and wanna feel your adrenaline on high levels then LoG will do you good. The sad thing is that this album is gonna have massive sales… their label will make millions of dollars… and this recipe will be regarded as successful (because it has good profits)… so they will continue to offer it… till the mass will have enough of it and drop just like grunge music and other music genres. Conversely, great musicians and songwriters will continue to “beg” for some support and recognition so as to deliver qualitative music to the people… we totally deserve what we are provided… in the very end… and that’s really pathetic… In conclusion, “Resolution” is a dull, polished, unoriginal album… with no musical personality at all.