Lacuna Coil - Dark Adrenaline

Lacuna Coil
Dark Adrenaline
Century Media
After so much buzz, advertising and various teasers on youtube… the time to listen to the album has come. I can see much excitement and I read big words all over the web. Undoubtedly, the band has strong P.R. and the label that’s behind them has also got a big promoting mechanism. But is that what makes an album good? Absolutely not… you may need more than that. Then again, that’s what makes an album commercially successful. Undeniably… you may not have a great album but… public relations, promotion, advertising will do the work for you. That’s the case here…
Lacuna Coil have been around since 1994… and all those years they have gained much recognition worldwide. I cannot compare them with bands like Within Temptation, Evanescence, Nightwish, Epica etc… ‘cause they were always trying to sound and become like them… and they have been influenced by them over the years. They did make their sound more American… but this band lacks on the songwriting. They have always had this kind of problem. They also fixed some major problems they had since their beginning but you need inspiration and talent to write down some good songs… and sadly… they haven’t succeeded in that part. Having on mind Within Temptation’s last work… which is flawless by any means and has no fillers at all… even the bonus tracks are great… I cannot see how this album can compete an excellent album like “The Unforgiving” in any part.
Yeap, the production of the album is great… but I can hardly find a couple of songs here that are just good. The tunes are mostly forgettable, tedious and over-polished. Cristina has a nice voice (and a pleasant appearance)… but Andrea (vocals) is so average that ruins every good idea. Almost certainly, I’ll never play this album again… but those who say that it is so great… will they still listen to it after 3-4 months? How many of those albums… that are being branded as superb every month on every magazine or webzine … will end up on the editors’ playlist after some months? Is it possible to see perfect ratings? Can 8 out of 10 albums receive raving reviews by 90% of the e-zines weekly? What the hell? Do they live in a perfect world? Is this part of their public relations? You cannot make everyone happy… this isn’t a playground… this is music… and not every band can write good songs… let’s be honest… when money talks… bullshit walks… so simple!
I see that Lacuna Coil are being categorized as a gothic rock/metal band … the band may have a few gothic influences but the music is mostly mainstream pop (wannabe gloomy) rock/metal… they did try to sound like Evanescence… as so many other bands ‘cause Eva sold over 10 million copies with a modestly good album. Hence, after that every female-fronted band wanted to be (like) Eva… and where is Evanescence nowadays? I mean what happened to their so called great music? Why are they delivering so dull albums? “Dark Adrenaline” is as blunt as Evanescence’s last homonymous album… and likewise quite dreary… that’s all.