John Gält - Served Hot

John Gält
Served Hot
Street Symphonies Records
That was something that I didn’t expect. I might be a bit biased but I would never think that there was a chance to see a Ukrainian band playing so fine in a (fixed?) US/EU game. But let’s take things form the start, right?
John Gält is a newcomer from Ukraine, as I said earlier, which started out in 2010. Their first work was a 3-track EP which was released in 2011. The guys are serving the 80s hard rock, hair metal, sleaze/glam metal, hard rock & roll movement. Of course, their music is filtered by the contemporary European/Scandinavian sleaze/glam metal style which was taken off by Crashdiet in the mid-00s. They have succeeded in balancing well on their 80s, 90s and 00s influences. Their sound is also heavy, vigorous and tight. The production is really nice indeed.
John Gält as most of the young bands cannot evade some clichés of the specific genre but on my end, that’s not what plays the major role here. The guys do have capabilities and they are talented so with more and intensive work they can overcome any misgivings and look the US/EU bands straight in the eyes. I wouldn’t change many things, but I would tell them to pay attention to their melodies in their next releases. Just to make ‘em a bit more memorable & notable. They’ve got the enthusiasm and the will to go further… I do wish they keep up in the same way and better their skills with every new release…