John Dallas - Wild Life

John Dallas Wild Life cover
John Dallas
Wild Life
Street Symphonies Records
Luca Stanzani, aka John Dallas, is an Italian singer who in one form or another has been involved with bands since his teens back in the late 80s. He seems to have not been able to keep a steady line-up around him and every time, along with members coming and going, he seems to have changed the “name” of his band, which is not really the smartest idea, since it doesn’t help when you try to build momentum/a fan base to be changing your “name” every couple of years.
I’ll give it to him that he can write a decent tune, but his voice is far from perfect. He seems to combine a love it or hate it timbre with a bit of a wobble, when it comes to trying to pitch in phrases, that however little at times, seems to be negatively impacting things. I suppose the Italian heritage, also gives his some traces of the accent that are not “that” complimentary when he sings…
I hear GNR, a simpler Mr. Big, bits of Heat, in what John Dallas (a combination of Jon Bon Jovi & the “Dallas” TV series?!) is all about, with almost all of the 9 tracks being quite good, but Luca’s singing not allowing them to deliver their full potential. He’s not the most terrible singer I’ve ever heard, but he’s far from the best too. Just imagine a mediocre Axl Rose clone if he was Italian and that’s not a million miles away. You might want to give these guy(s) a chance – since it’s just Luca and some anonymous guests now, but I dunno what you might make of all this…