John Bassett - Unearth

John Bassett Unearth cover
John Bassett
Stereohead Records
John Bassett is the singer/songwriter, producer and creator of UK heavy progressive rock act KingBathmat. “Unearth” is his debut solo album, which features a dark, melancholic and highly emotional sound and even darker, more melancholic and highly emotional lyrics.
“Unearth” is the epitome of a solo album John Bassett is in charge of guitar, bass, keyboards and of course the vocals. As for the drums, well he shares the stool with Nathan A. Summers. And as if all that wasn’t enough, he also recorded, produced, mixed and mastered the album himself.
I heard people describe this record as a progressive rock one. That statement is not exactly wrong, however do not expect strange drum rhythms, elaborate & psychedelic electric guitar work and so on. “Unearth” is actually an acoustic psychedelic folk album. The lyrics are really critical of today’s modern way of living, social engineering, existential contemplation, survival, childhood traumas, love, despair and everything in between; they flow out through lyrics that are fused with an uncanny knack for melody.
“Stay Away From the Dark” perfectly kicks off the album setting the mood for what’s to come. This is my personal favourite track of the album, no wonder it’s the first one to be made into a music video. If I had to pick my second favourite, that would have to be the longest one there “Something That’s More Worthwhile” (7:43). A close third is “Kylerhea” a brilliant easy-listening and yet complex instrumental track.
In closing, let me say that “Unearth” is a seriously well laid-back album that you can relax with, but it will make you think when you listen closely.