Jimi Jamison - Never Too Late

Jimi Jamison
Never Too Late
Frontiers Records
Jimi is, undoubtedly, one of the three golden AOR/melodic rock voices of all time. Let’s be clear on that. As he used to sing back in his “Vital Signs” days… “it’s the singer not the song… when it’s coming from the heart…”. Who can deny that? He can effortlessly turn a mediocre tune into a great one! And you know what, Jimi is a natural talent… either you born with that or not.
Who would have thought that away from Jim Peterik, who is an exceptional songwriter, Jimi would have found a buddy, Erik Mårtensson, who is also an amazing songwriter and producer. It was weird that Jimi didn’t cooperate with Jim but I guess they both needed a break just to refresh themselves. Honestly, I was amazed how easily Erik got into his role from the minute I started listening to this album.Erik has done almost everything here. He plays the guitars, the bass, the keys and does some backing vocals as well. With a little help from a bunch of friends like: Miqael Persson, Magnus Ulfstedt (Demon Driver, Eclipse, Torch etc.) on drums, Jonas Öijvall on Hammond B3, Piano & Analog Synthesizers and Magnus Henriksson (Eclipse) who plays the lead guitar on “Street Survivor” & “Heaven Call Your Name”, Erik delivers some alpha quality music afresh! Marvelously produced this album will “force” you to play it on ten. This is how albums should be produced. I bet Erik will have a tough time as he makes a name as a producer with every little ace h pulls out every so often. It’s hard to front Eclipse, write songs for a few music project & bands and also produce albums. This guy is on fire!
The songwriting on this album is alike the production… simply astonishing! Erik delivered some of his best tunes and Jimi take them one step higher with his divine voice. How else can I say it? This album could have easily been the new Survivor one with an updated & efficient sound. Why not? But instantly, “Never Too Late” is the best solo album Jimi has released to date. And believe me I totally love “Empires”. Should I also say that this is the top & the album Jimi have sung since the 00s? It’s also the heaviest stuff he has ever involved with. Am I exaggerating? Well, just listen to it and then make up your mind. Cathy as hell songs, such as: “I Can’t Turn Back”, “The Air That I Breathe” (what a ballad!), “Not Tonight”, Calling the Game”, “Bullet in the Gun, & “Heaven Call Your Name” are so classy that I think they can confidently become classics. No fillers just killers. Everyone should have their own favorites from listen to listen. The album has its 80s touches but its atmosphere and sound are contemporary and refined.
I’ve been listening to this album for quite some time now and I was kinda addicted to its melodious & rockin’ allure. Maybe it’s too soon, but I think that I’ve just found the finest release in AOR/melodic rock genre for 2012. I’ve listened to numerous albums from this genre but none has the appeal, the catchiness and the magic that “Never Too Late” has. If you fancy big melodic rock/AOR albums then you have no excuse to miss this one…