Jex Thoth - Blood Moon Rise

Jex Thoth
Blood Moon Rise
I Hate Records
The psychedelic path, with the occult, acid & atmospheric orientation is also a part of the 70s heavy rock & doom metal movement. Jex Thoth started out in 2008 with their self-titled full-length album and now they are back – 5 years later – with a new album and a totally new line-up. I mean except for Jex herself everyone else is new here. Can this affect the band’s music direction? Probably yes, even though in this case it didn’t do so at all. “Blood Moon Rise” is in the same vein of the debut.
You see, at times, doom metal music moves parallel to boredom and there are quite a few times that they cross roads. You must be very careful not to cross the line and in my opinion, only a few bands, especially of our time, managed to do so. Unluckily, Jex Thoth ain’t one of those bands, at least to my ears. The plain song structures, the simple riffs & in general, the shortage of strong melodies are a rather major minus for the album. Jex’s voice is still sexy, fairly warm & “witch-like” in a way. It can easily seduce you with its occult charm. The production which was done by Randall Dunn (Earth, Sunn O))), Black Mountain) is very clear and full.
The slow dark doom pieces of early Black Sabbath are blended with the psychedelia and the occultism of psychedelic rock music of the 70s. I’d like more psychedelic elements in their music and some more appealing melodies but that’s only my point of view. I’m sure those who are fond of this kind of music, will find it more riveting and enthralling than I did… thus, proceed with no fear… or else listen to it before you attempt getting it…