Jay Ray - Self-Resonance

Jay Ray Self-Resonance cover
Jay Ray
Independent Release
Jay Ray is a solo artist, DJ/Remixer etc., from Finland, who used to be in bands prior to launching a solo career some five years ago. He’s got a few soft releases to his name including a remix of a Serj Tankian song, which Tankian himself signaled out in a competition as a winner, as well as more recently when during the summer Poets Of The Fall,vocalist Marko Saaresto laid vocals on a JR single by the name of “Striven”.
He seems fairly popular on “social media and streaming sites” although that’s questionable, because many people tend to “purchase” their stats. Still... Joni Säde (Jay Ray) style is a more mechanic/electronic version of Amaranthe (melodic Vs extreme vocals) or latter day In Flames and when it’s most placid, I suppose there’s some Linkin Park in there as well.
“Striven” has a “poetic” air for understandable reasons, but it’s also tracks like a metal mix of “I Can’t Wait” and “137”, which is more hard hitting, up until it’s chorus breaks away. The same can be said for “Paranormal” or the also pretty charged “King Vultures”, which even has some LP styles raps that seem to attract the most of attention… then again there’s the very soft and quite symphonic title track, but it’s probably a one off.
JR’s stuff is not groundbreaking and a little more “bass” in the production would make it a little more “beefy”, but overall, it’s not bad for what it is… ie a bit EBM, a bit nu-rock, a bit of what a millennial kid might or might not fancy. Now whether J-Ray will be “discovered” and “preferred” over some more famous people… is the million dollar question. And I have no answer for that.