James Christian - Lay It All on Me

James Christian Lay It All on Me cover
James Christian
Lay It All on Me
Frontiers Records
Yes, it can knock your socks off. Banging melodic rock/AOR music, well-turned lyrics and incandescent performances from the innermost recesses of their minds by James Christian on lead & background vocals, acoustic guitar and bass guitar and the rest of the team: Robin Beck (his beloved wife) on background vocals, Jeff Kent on keyboards, BJ Zampa & David Sherman on drums and Jorge Salán, Jimi Bell and Shelby Stewart on guitars. Do you get the picture here or not?
If a nine-year pause (when most artists cut things fine for an album) is what it takes to produce a masterwork then that’s fine with me and I conjecture that the same goes for the remainder of the admirers. In the era of band/artist manufacturing (take a basic, big-time model and adapt it; it will sell as long as marketers persuade it is innovative), there’s also severe shortage of catchy hooks and musical ideas, especially in AOR. When other artists seem to fail in those parts James Christian manifests there’s still uncharted territory in sing-along lyrics & fine melodies, both of which are the cornerstone of the genre.
Should I point out some specific songs? Let’s start then: “Lay It All on Me” – an uplifting tune, “Sacred Heart” – rocks your world, “Day in the Sun”- an AOR anthem, “Believe in Me” – an achingly emotive track, “You’re so Bad” – blindingly melodious, “Don’t Come Near Me” – if that isn’t something to sing along then it beats me what might be, “Let It Shine” – an absolutely evocative song, “She’s All the Rage” – its vibe is startling, “Sincerely Yours” – a memorable refrain to rock you, “Shot in the Dark” – makes you shiver and the superb & catchy “Welcome to Your Future”. Deadly serious I am! No fillers at all!
“Lay It All on Me” is an album that every melodic rock/AOR fan should have. James Christian put his heart and soul into delivering a musical work meant to last. I don’t know about you but I’m heading to the stores…