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Infinita Symphonia
Infinita Symphonia
Scarlet Records
Infinita Symphonia are taking their second step after their debut release in 2011. It’s not usual for a band to have a second self-titled release but nowadays more and more bands are thinking differently. Anyway, that ain’t the case here.
The band has indeed made evolutional steps in comparison to their debut. Their symphonic power prog metal has been embellished with melodic metal, hard rock and more straightforward metal elements, something that has worked for the band’s own benefit. Of course, their prog approach is always present every now & then. I do not know what they have in mind to achieve but I do fancy their less prog but more melodic tracks. I feel that they are at a crossroads and they’re trying to find their way and settle down eventually. For instance, the track “If I could Go Back” opens the album ideally and it’s right to the point. Another thing they have updated is their sound. The album was recorded & mixed at Outer Sound Studio by Giuseppe Orlando (Novembre, Valkiria etc.) and mastered by Henkka Niemisto & Svante Forsback (Sonata Arctica, Apocalyptica) at Chartmakers Studio. The final outcome is terrific. Furthermore, the celebrated Michael Kiske is participating on “Fly”.
“Infinita Symphonia” is a good album with fine ideas at times but I think it lacks that “X” factor so as to take off. Probably, when they settle down musically they will find out what’s missing or what more they should add to their whole soundscape. The third work will be quite important for the band’s future so I’ll be waiting to listen to it…