Incursed - Fimbulwinter

Independent Release
Were I to guess where this band comes from… I would probably bet my money on Scandinavia, with some cheating looks in Ireland or Switzerland. The fact is that you don’t see a band from Spain that is into Viking, extreme, folk metal music every day. Influenced by acts such as: Finntroll, Eluveitie, Einherjer, Ensiferum & Falkenbach inter alia, these Spanish guys have done a fairly good job here. Retaining mostly the extreme metal side, with lots of black & death elements, they did also embellish their sound with clean vocals, melodies & atmospheric features except for the folk harmonies.
Nice orchestrations, fast pounding rhythms and decent melodies are enough to please the fans of the genre. The very good & rich production adds extra points to the final result. The album was mixed and mastered by Alex de Benito in Sound of Apocalypse Studio. I know that there’s much talking about the folk/Viking metal music nowadays and has become kinda platitude to see bands of this genre… but I think that these Spanish guys are much into it and they do fancy what they do. It’s obvious from the moment you play it. The last song “Erik the Deaf” has a hilarious arrangement and the whole thing reminded me of Pazuzu. Tavern, beers, people wasted here & there and funny stories around… it also hides two short tracks as well.
Furthermore, “Fimbulwinter” apart from being well-played, it also has more notable tunes that the latest albums of some well-known folk metal bands. This is only the second release of the guys and I believe they’ve got much more to offer in the upcoming years. I’d suggest you take a chance on them, if you bask in Viking/folk, extreme metal music. There’s obviously something good here, so do not sidestep it so easily.