In This Moment - Mother

In This Moment Mother cover
In This Moment
Roadrunner Records
As it is known by fans of In This Moment, Maria is commonly called a beloved mother figure, which makes the title of the new album an easy pick. “Mother” rolls through eerie intros, march-like anthems, and nightmarish musicianship. And to top it all off, we catch a few covers, including features with Lzzy Hale, Taylor Momsen and Joe Cotela of D.E.D. They have reteamed with Kevin Churko of HellYeah and Ozzy Osbourne fame,
The 14-song Mother takes the band’s dark side to the next level, pushing genres together and showcasing their many influences. Opening with “The Beginning (Interlude)”, which seamlessly fell into “Fly like an Eagle” was a great start to the album.
Queen’s well-known anthem “We Will Rock You” has often served as an energy burst for bar patrons over the years, but now it jumpstarts empowerment with women across the ages. Lzzy Hale of Halestorm and Taylor Momsen of The Pretty Reckless, the cover allows Howorth to jam on guitar as Maria tears the walls down once again with her vocals.
The first single, “The In-Between”, taps on the hits from their past songs and albums like “Blood”, “Whore”, “Beautiful Tragedy” and “Sick Like Me”. The chorus hook melts into the guitar tones and instrumentation form an amazing track. “Mother”, brings a different sound as the title track. It’s much more subtle than what would normally be expected, because In This Moment usually shows their prowess with the heavier sounds.
Now, “Hunting Grounds” is another collaboration on the album. Except this time it’s with Joe Cotela of Ded. The vocal intertwining between the two works almost symbiotically with Maria’s sultry voice, which blends with the buildup by Joe Cotela. A great duo, more should happen like this.
The simple, sinister fade into the track “Into Dust” gave me chills. If you close your eyes on this, you can almost imagine a Transylvania-like movie dirge. It crawls through the speakers like a fog, beautiful and dark. I would love to hear this transition to live. Amazing composition.
Maria and crew have walked the cliffs’ edge with pushing the genre walls, not to break them down, but to build on them, and it is beautiful. If this evolution of metal continues as it has been in the last decade, I am excited to be a part of it. Some amazing work form In This Moment. A masterpiece!